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Goodness Kosi
Goodness Kosi
Web Development
Don't Give Up! part 2

Most people who gave-up sometime ago wasn't because they were
not prepared for the worst. But, likely because: "The only
thing that could stop determination is what you don't see as
a challenge"_Goodness Kosi.

That does not mean you have to see everything as if they pose
a challenge. It only means you don't need to fold your hands
hoping that all bits of your plans will work out. Be mindful
of time and unforeseen occurrences.

Your circumstances which may include your environment, folks,
friends or family-background will also play a great role in
determining your success or failure. So, don't take these
things for granted while making plans.

"You won’t get anything done by planning" — Karl
Really? yes, for real. While your writing down your plans may
be a great level of preparation, never expect that your plans
will work out completely. Always break them in pieces and
create escape routes where necessary. Doing these will cause
you not to think of giving up when plans fail.

Don't forget that making plans matters a lot, but does not
guarantee success just like being the most prepared for a
tournament does not guarantee a winner.
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