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Goodness Kosi
Goodness Kosi
Web Development

No doubt, it is always disappointing when expectations are
failed. This is exactly what happened few days ago when our
Super Eagles National Team was mercilessly beaten by Croatia
team. Most of us gave full support to our team, hoping that
victory will be ours. Unfortunately we were totally

Today, most of us had made our decision not to watch upcoming
Super Eagle matches to avoid High Blood Pressure. Others
wished they missed ever watching the first leg.

This whole incidence reminds me the words of wise king
Solomon of the ancient time who said: “…that the swift do
not always win the race, nor do the mighty always win the
battle…because time and unexpected events overtake them
all”_(NWT). Considering these words, I see no reason to keep
on blaming our team for poor performance.

All other teams are prepared; our Super Eagles are not an
exception. The result only lies in the hands of unforeseen
circumstances. That is to say; “First class no be who collect
extra sheet”_Falz.

So, come’ on guys. It’s not yet the end. Let’s not give up on
our team, let’s support them, let’s cheer them up, probably
they can get home the World Cup.


By Goodness Kosi.
June 19 2018
11 ms ago

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