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Goodness Kosi
Goodness Kosi
Web Development
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As delivered by Goodness Kosi; the founder of Classpan to the outgoing
students of Community Secondary School Isuofia 2018/2019 session,
during their sendoff ceremony, on, Thursday, July, 19, 2018.

Today reminds me some four years ago when I completed my secondary
school education here in Community Secondary School Isuofia. Just as
all of you leaving the school today, I was filled with joy, I was happy
that I will no longer stress myself to come to school early. I was
happy that at last, Iím free from wearing school uniform. I was happy I
made my papers.

Though, I was overwhelmed by questions like: What am I going to do with
my life? Am I going to further my education? Should I go for
apprenticeship? Am I going to learn other kinds of skills? What does
the future hold for me?

Some of you might have asked yourself some of those important
questions. But, let me advice you; donít be one of those who wouldnít
want to look up for the answers. Donít be among those who found the
answers but never worked hard towards making the answers a reality. No
one is going to live your life for you; so, be true to yourself. Life
out there is far different from school life. The earlier you realize
that lots of responsibilities are out there waiting for you: the
brighter the future may be for you.
Whatever good you decide to do with your life, do it with passion.

If you are furthering your education to whatever level, do it for the
sake of knowledge, donít do it because you need a certificate. Seek
knowledge with all your strength, search for it just as if you are
looking for a precious stone. When you must have gathered the
knowledge, certificates will look for you. You will be able to create
employment opportunities for a great society and lots of innovations
for the next generations.

If you are going for apprenticeship, do it with zeal. Do it to gain
enough skills that will skyrocket your business. To whatever skills you
might have learnt from your master, add innovations to it: thatís the
secret to success.

Are you going to learn other kinds of skills or handiworks? What is
that in your hand? As for me, I have a handset. Everything has changed
so fast since the revolution of technology. Use it for research
purposes; use it to advance your skills. Donít just rely on your master
to teach you everything. And donít just do things because it is a norm
to do it that way. Most people are driving their skills, business or
education with technology. You too can do it. For instance; more than
87% of my web-developing skills are from what I learnt through the

It is very simple, but may not be easy to add innovations to your
handiwork so you can change the world. However, always remember that:
ďYou can never work harder if it is not a habit working hardĒ. Go out
there and change the world for good!

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Thank you.
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