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Goodness Kosi
Goodness Kosi
Web Development
Don't Give Up!

It could be easy to give-up, when you forgot why you really
need to keep it up. As long as you are an imperfect human,
giving up usually presents itself as an option when you face
tough times. Don't let that happen.

Look out for reasons to keep up, having in mind that two
things are certain: Failure or Success.

To ensure success, there are few things you may need to keep
in place. Don't forget writing down your plans, don't forget
reviewing them time after time and don't forget adjusting
your targets to match reasonable time frame.

Even after being mindful of these things, so many other
things may still compel you to give-up. We'll talk about that
next post.

Don't give-up waiting for my next story! *SMILES*
12 ms ago

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